HR Committee’s December Meeting

On December 15, 2017 AmCham HR Committee hosted its regular meeting for this month at the office of Nobel Oil.

The HR Committee Chair Ms. Leyla Novruzova opened the last meeting of this year by welcoming the members of the Committee and outlining the context of the Agenda. She thanked Nobel Oil for hosting HR Committee meeting. Then she invited Mr. Ilgar Veliyev, AmCham Board Member and HR Committee Curator to the floor. Mr. Veliyev expressed his appreciation of HR Committee’s work.

In the beginning of the meeting, safety induction by the Nobel Oil was provided to inform all participants on emergency precautions. Then, Ms. Novruzova passed the floor to the speaker Ms. Ellada Alishova, HR manager at Nobel Oil. She delivered the speech on “Transforming a local company into an international business” by explaining, who they are, core values, the process of compliance. Next part of her speech was devoted to affiliates and partnerships, some information was provided about partner companies structure and work process.

Later, Ms. Leyla Novruzova invited to the floor another guest speaker Lala Abdurahmanova, Business Couch & Consultant, to present on “Behavioural Competencies Global Demands and Trends”. The presentation was about SHRM Competency model, she explained each step one by one with real examples.

After the coffee break, Ms. Leyla Novruzova introduced Mr. Jafar Yusiov, HR Coordinator, Nobel Oil, who made a presentation on “Grading&Job Levelling”. He shared their company vision on job evaluation, salary and grading structure and main challenges which all companies can face. He concluded his speech with advising some practices to overcome on difficult situations.

At the end, Committee Chair closed the meeting and thanked everyone for participation and contribution to making HR Committee work successful in 2017. She said that final version of the 2018 Committee Program will be communicated to all in January.

All participants received small New Year presents.

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