HMI Committee’s January Meeting

On January 17, 2018 AmCham Healthcare & Medical Insurance (HMI) Committee hosted its initial meeting for the year of 2018.

An HMI Committee Chair Ms. Lala Bilandarli opened the meeting by welcoming its members and made a small introduction of the AmCham White Paper (produced biannually). She requested the participants to actively contribute in developing recommendations in the HMI sector to be included to the next issue of the document.

The meeting participants made their suggestions on what should be raised, in particular, as far as challenges for businesses because of the total production costs increase, parallel market issues, vaccination, healthcare expenditure etc. are concerned. It was decided to hold more frequent meetings of a smaller Working Group on the White Paper 2018 in order to work on the ideas.

Besides, an HMI Committee Chairman was voted for and appointed – Mr. Elnur Mirzazadeh working for BP. Ms. Bilandarli congratulated Mr. Mirzazadeh and expressed her confidence that the Committee activities will get only more effective afterwards.

At the end of the meeting Ms. Bilandarli thanked everyone for participation.



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