ICT Committee’s January Meeting

On January 30, 2018, AmCham Information and Communications Technology Committee hosted its first meeting for 2018.

Ms. Kamilla Shahbazov, Chairperson of the Committee, opened the meeting by welcoming participants and made a small introduction of the AmCham White Paper.

Ms. Shahbazov discussed preparation process, guidelines, and deadlines for the document drafting. Afterwards, the Committee members discussed the previous White Paper preparation process and Mr. Rashid Mammadov, Legal & Policy Officer in AmCham, also shared information on topics which were mentioned in the last White Paper.

Ms. Shahbazov talked about the importance of member contributions to the document. It was decided to hold more frequent meetings of a smaller Working Group on the White Paper 2018 in order to work on the ideas. The Committee members were informed that volunteers who want to contribute to the White Paper are welcomed.

Potential topics which they can be emphasized throughout the process also were highlighted. The meeting participants made their suggestions on what should be raised, in particular, as far as challenges for IT sector because of the lack of IT specialists, security system, cybersecurity, software etc. are concerned.

After the discussion of the White Paper roadmap, Ms. Shahbazov also mentioned about first IT conference – Digital future of Azerbaijan, the road to Digital economy, which is planned to be held.

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Kamilla Shahbazov requested the participants to actively contribute in developing recommendations in the ICT sector to be included to the next issue of the document and thanked everyone for participation.

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