CSR Committee’s February Meeting

On February 01, 2018 AmCham CSR Committee hosted its first regular meeting for this year.

Ms. Aynura Piriyeva, CSR Committee Chair welcomed the members of the Committee and expressed gratitude to PASHA Insurance for hosting the meeting. Then the representative of PASHA Insurance, Deputy CEO, Mr. Tural Aliyev welcomed the participants, thanked Ms. Piriyeva and AmCham for the meeting and talked briefly about their company.

Before starting the presentations, Ms. Jamilya Talibzadeh, Vice Chairperson of the Committee, also thanked PASHA Insurance and participants and mentioned that they will try to be more productive this year. Then Ms. Aynura Piriyeva gave the floor to Mr. Vugar Safarov, Head of Prosper Digital Agency, who delivered a presentation on “Digital Transformation of Economy”. He displayed some examples about how to set and execute the global and local digital strategy to achieve business goals.

Later, Mr. Adil Bakirov, Marketing&PR Specialist in PASHA Insurance, delivered a presentation about on CSR as a way of building sustainable community and business. Mr.Bakirov talked about PASHA Insurance CSR projects such as Mysterious Baku, Green Baku, First Graders and etc.

Furthermore, Ms.Piriyeva and Ms. Talibzadeh gave information about the concept of  AmCham White Paper. Mr.Fariz Ismailzade, Vice Rector of ADA University, also added some points regarding the document. The Committee members were informed that volunteers who want to contribute to the White Paper are welcomed.

Potential topics which they can emphasize throughout the process also were highlighted. The meeting participants made their suggestions on what should be raised, in particular, as far as challenges for CSR sector are concerned.

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Aynura Piriyeva requested the participants to actively contribute in developing recommendations in the CSR sector to be included in the next issue of the document and thanked everyone for participation.

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