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AmCham is comprised of nine industry sector committees. Committee work is carried out by a group of qualified representatives of AmCham Membership, on a voluntary basis. This way, AmCham members are able to share information, raise issues of common concern and propose possible solutions.

The focus of committee meetings depends on the current situation and topics of importance at the time in Azerbaijan. The committee decisions are often included to newly adopted laws, regulations and amendments aimed to solve mutual problems of sector businesses. Any employee of any member or associate company can participate in relevant committee activities.

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Banking, Finance and Insurance

The Committee oversees the entire financial services industry, including banking and insurance industries. The committee concentrates on those issues that can off set American and Azerbaijan-US joint venture business in Azerbaijan.  Finance committee works towards bringing greater understanding of the Azerbaijan Financial system.  Better consideration of financial systems and a more robust financial infrastructure helps us to ensure both sustainable economic growth and social progress within the country. AmCham’s financial committee exists to raise and allocate finance. AmCham commonly undertake activities in order to bring organization’s together to provide a range of financial services for its members.BFI Committee seeks to support and promote the interests of AmCham’s Banking, Finance and Insurance members. It does this by facilitating discussions on issues affecting the sector, inviting guest speakers and by seeking to act as an advocacy body to defend and promote the interests of the sector as a whole with respect to Government and regulatory bodies.Powered by Froala Editor

Tax & Customs

The Tax and Customs Committee proactively addresses both existing and new tax and customs issues by maintaining a dialog with the State Tax Service, Ministry of Finance and State Customs Committee and promotes change in the tax and customs system through consistent interpretation and application of existing regulations.The committee is doing this job in several ways: by engaging its members in various legislative initiatives aimed at improving the business climate, sharing experiences across the member base on challenging tax and customs issues and establishing dialog between the business community and the governmental bodies and ministries.Powered by Froala Editor

Sustainable Development and Corporate Impact

PurposeAcknowledging a changing world, the Sustainable Development and Corporate Impact Committee seeks to find and promote the appropriate balance between the economic, environmental and social aspects of the business community to ensure sustainability for current and future generations. More and more businesses wish to incorporate sustainable practices in their day-to-day operations. The Sustainable Development and Corporate Impact Committee aims to assist these businesses with education, support and recognition through workshops and other initiatives. Responsibilities The main mission of the Sustainable Development and Corporate Impact Committee is to be at the forefront of driving long-term sustainable value for our members and the business community by encouraging the development of sustainability initiatives and programs and supporting their implementation. The Committee serves as a platform to further support and enhance sustainable business practices. Activities of the Committee fall into the following categories: •    Organizing events such as breakfasts or lunches with sustainability experts•    Lobbying for more sustainable business practices in Azerbaijan and beyond•    Engaging the business community to be proactive in the change towards a more sustainable society •    Conducting capacity-building initiatives such as workshops and seminars with a sustainability focus •    Creating partnership opportunities and synergies among AmCham members Powered by Froala Editor

Human Resources and Labor

The Human Resources Committee meetings are devoted to the exchange of ideas and information related to the development and management of human resources in Azerbaijan. Committee members‘ practical experiences are frequently drawn upon as a basis for presentations and discussions. A new aspect of the committee’s activity is the preparation of commentary on legislation, including the revised Labor Code. The Committee enables AmCham members to share best practices and resources in the field of human resources management.  Its efforts focus on providing essential information to AmCham members and participating Committee members through:Annual National Employee Salary SurveysQuarterly Inflation SurveysResources on the current Azerbaijani labor law legislationTraining Sessions on HR Management (delivered by committee members on voluntarily basis)Best Practices presentations (delivered by committee members)Sharing human resource management expertise with local educational institutionsThe Annual National Employee Salary Survey is presented at a fourth quarter luncheon.Powered by Froala Editor

Digital Economy and Innovations (DEI)

Digital Economy & Innovations Committee will be on fostering a culture of innovation and supporting AmCham members' participation in activities related to the innovation sector in Azerbaijan. By staying at the forefront of digital transformation and innovation, the DEI committee will help its members achieve their business goals and contribute to the development of Azerbaijan's economy.We believe that by embracing the economy and innovation, we can achieve synergy between the major digital government leaders in Azerbaijan and bring maximum benefits to our members and the environment as a whole by operating on the edge of the two.It is a platform for cross-industry exchange of ideas, insights and opportunities discussions, identifying and overcoming common problems associated with the business development of our members and better understanding of the market, as well as maintaining contacts with government of Azerbaijan and regulatory agencies in order to foster business development of our members. The committee also conducts practical workshops, case studies and thought leader perspectives to help our members stay ahead of the future.

Travel, Hospitality and Tourism

AmCham Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Committee meets monthly to discuss the present situation of tourism in Azerbaijan and how to improve the country as a tourist destination.Considering the larger than normal expatriate community, an influx of short-term business travelers, and increased investment in infrastructure that are results from a very active oil sector Azerbaijan’s travel tourism industry is one of the most promising. The business travellers require and demand high quality airlines, hotels, restaurants and services in both the capital and the regions. Over the long-term, however, Azerbaijan also has the potential to attract a considerable number of international tourists. The country is blessed with ingredients that will create good memories for tourists, including natural or interesting scenery, people, a historically rich religious diversity, interesting cities to explore, unusual foods, exotic smells, opportunities to bring home memories they have purchased, and above all, safety in the country. Having these attributes should go a long way to enable Azerbaijan to redevelop its tourism industry more broadly.Taking all this into account we would like to invite all of the hotels, airlines, travel agencies that are members of the American Chamber of Commerce as well as any other member companies that are interested in shaping up the private sector efforts in developing and improving the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism in the country to join this newly created committee.Powered by Froala Editor

Legal & Compliance

Legal & Compliance Committee was formed as a working group in 2017 to address legal and compliance issues faced by AmCham member companies operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The working group gained committee status in 2018.AmCham Legal and Compliance Committee focuses on the analysis of legislative and compliance issues influencing the investment climate in Azerbaijan. Input to AmCham White Paper is one of the main activities of the Committee. Leveraging the expertise of lawyers, economists and business leaders the Committee provides a ground for constructive discussion of issues affecting the investment attractiveness in Azerbaijan. Committee also provide strategic guidance and recommendations to the Board of Directors on the Chamber’s communication with regulatory authorities, law makers and government. Review and monitor the Chamber’s compliance and risk management activities and the effectiveness of any compliance and risk management programs established by the Chamber is another focus of the Committee. 


The Working Group on Procurement was established at the end of 2018.  In 2019, the WG held a number of memorable events with participation of foreign procurement experts and local top managers. During 2019, WG formed a group of professionals with a passion for procurement and a desire to positively change the procurement environment in the country. The result of this work was a position paper with a set of proposals aimed to improve public sector procurement. In 2020, the WG was transferred to the status of a Committee and the committee's mission is to help the business community and the public sector to improve procurement processes, to educate and promote best practices and transparency in procurement processes and share successful stories within the Amcham community.Powered by Froala Editor


The mission of FMCG Committee is to contribute to the improvement of legislation and legal practice in the areas of commercial and company law, as well as to promote standards of best practice in marketing goods and services. The issues of product safety, consumer protection, advertising etc. are of great public concern, abundant however in grey areas not yet being subject to legal scrutiny.The FMCG Committee is constantly working on the questions below to be addressed:• What are the legal requirements for the product to be marketed?• How to market the product lawfully?• How to abide by law in contacting consumers and competitors when marketing the product?Powered by Froala Editor

Marketing, Communications and Business Development

The strategy of the working group is based on a demand-driven transformation approach focused on mega-trends, relevance and value proposition for the marketers and their key stakeholders. As the leading business association in the country, AmCham aims to address these expectations of its members in order to support and maintain a transparent and sustainable business environment in Azerbaijan. 

Construction Working Group

The WG is aimed at improving real estate and construction industry in the country, by raising issues of concerns and common challenges, developing best practices, encouraging sustainability and adoption of innovation technologies and approaches within the industry.