Business Advocacy Overview

Over the past years, the Azerbaijani government has done much to improve the business climate in Azerbaijan.  While Azerbaijan has seen huge inflows of foreign investment in the oil and gas sector which will continue to be important, the government recognizes that the development of the non-energy sector is crucial to Azerbaijan’s future and to the prosperity of its people.  Further implementation of the government’s current policy direction and continued reform of ills inherited from the Soviet period (as well as others of more recent vintage) will enable a notable and prosperous Azerbaijan to become the indispensable regional financial and support hub for the East-West trade route, the Caspian Basin and Central Asia.

AmCham’s collective knowledge, expertise and skill give us a strong voice with which we can influence Azerbaijan’s policymaking process. In support of the increasing prosperity within Azerbaijan, AmCham and its committees engage in direct advocacy through investment conferences, meetings with Azerbaijani officials and American diplomats and officials.

AmCham also provides its members with opportunities to discuss important economic and trade matters with top governmental decision-makers. Regular meetings with similar organizations, both in Azerbaijan and overseas, allow for a valuable exchange of ideas and information, policy coordination and a vision for achieving common strategic goals. Within the legal framework of our activities, AmCham consults its committees for input and presents them to the appropriate ministries. These changes are heard in parliament, and can greatly impact the final version of new laws. AmCham is also working to increase its input and the impact on the legislative process.

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