AzInTelecom starts cooperation with an influential company of South Africa

Operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport AzInTelecom LLC participated as a “Golden Sponsor” at the “Africa Tech Festival”, held in the Republic of South Africa (RSA). At its stand, the company presented its products and services to an international audience.

During the visit, company representatives held meetings with participating companies in order to establish and develop partnerships.

As a result, a memorandum was signed between AzInTelecom LLC and Prime Invest Group, one of the most prestigious companies in Africa.

The purpose of the memorandum is to strengthen business based on safe and reliable digital solutions, as well as to introduce innovative products of AzInTelecom SİMA İmza and SİMA KYC to the African market.

The signed memorandum is considered as the first step in the development of future cooperation by both companies.

It should be noted that Prime Invest Group provides financial services in the global sector. The company's activities include investment planning, tax and estate planning, strategic asset management and other services.

22 November 2023
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7 August 2023

AzInTelecom joins American Chamber of Commerce

AzInTelecom LLC, operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, became a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham).Within the framework of the membership of AzInTelecom LLC in AmCham, mutual cooperation is envisaged for the purpose of establishing business relations, obtaining possible support in solving problems, exchanging information, posting information on the website of AmCham, receiving information about conferences, seminars and meetings.At the initial stage, a meeting was held between the two institutions to improve the cooperation environment. Representatives of AzInTelecom LLC voiced proposals regarding the future activity of the institution within the framework of AmCham membership. After mutual exchange of opinions, the parties signed an agreement.It should be noted that AmCham is a non-profit organization that supports the development of bilateral economic relations, establishment of new partnerships and exploration of new opportunities of foreign and local organizations located in Azerbaijan. Established in 1996, AmCham has more than 260 members operating in all sectors of Azerbaijan's economy. Every year, the institution organizes various conferences, general meetings, committee meetings and other events in Azerbaijan.AzInTelecom LLC, operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, has a wide range of services. This includes cloud solutions, international voice traffic, business solutions, information security services, SİMA digital solutions platform and centralized information systems. AzInTelecom LLC, which strives to constantly improve the multifaceted service network and the quality of the provided services, holds regular meetings and cooperation discussions with local and international organizations operating in the economic sphere for this purpose.

3 August 2023

There were about 600 thousand attempts to connect to the network with more than 11,000 IMEIs in Azerbaıjan

AzInTelecom LLC, operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, continues to take active measures against the registration of mobile devices with copied IMEI codes imported into Azerbaijan.In this regard, AzInTelecom LLC regularly monitors and conducts detailed research on IMEI codes suspected of being copied. As a result, the copied IMEI code is given the status of "clone" and its use is restricted. The devices to which the IMEI code is transferred continue to use the telecommunication network only with the initially used numbers on them.As of today, as part of the measures taken, 11056 IMEI codes have been assigned the status of "clone". Over the past three months, these IMEI codes have been found on the network with a subscriber ID of 1 129 956 mobile numbers. 598 149 attempts to connect to the network with these IMEI codes were rejected by the Mobile Device Registration System.It should be noted that according to the "Mobile device registration rules" approved by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, mobile phones imported from abroad must be registered within 30 days to be used in the country's telecommunications network. In this case, the payment of the state fee is supposed to be made according to the market price of the mobile device brought to the country by an individual for personal consumption.Sometimes, in order not to make the payment of the state fee, IMEI code of a previously registered phone is copied to new phones. The owner of the device that owns the copied IMEI code is completely unaware of this process and later encounters certain difficulties.In order not to face such cases and not to fall victim of this fraud, information on the status of the copied IMEI code of newly acquired or currently used mobile phones can be obtained from the Single Electronic Services Portal of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport.To do this, you need to find out the device's IMEI code by dialing *#06# on the phone screen, and then enter the portal and select the " Check IMEI " service. Enter the IMEI code in the field that appears on the screen and click the "Check" button to find out if the phone's IMEI code has the "clone" status.

9 August 2023

Azercell subscribers can use SİMA even without internet

SİMA, a cloud-based digital signature of a new generation, created by AzInTelecom LLC operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport has taken another step towards ensuring maximum accessibility for users.Now Azercell subscribers will be able to use SİMA's services even without mobile internet. For this, it is enough to keep the mobile data traffic on in the device. In this way, it will be possible to access SİMA mobile application, register, sign and perform other operations even if the subscriber has no balance and active internet package.In addition, if there is an active internet package in the subscriber's balance, there will be no deduction from the balance when using SİMA mobile application services.It should be noted that the new generation digital signature SİMA has a number of advantages for both citizens and service providers. Reducing financial costs and preventing time loss creates special advantages for both segments. In addition, SİMA can be integrated into any system, as well as, automation allows users to sign quickly and in any number.To obtain a digital signature, which is free of charge for citizens, it is enough to download the SİMA mobile application to the device and register once. The signature, which increases accessibility to digital services, is expected to speed up business processes in our country.You can get more detailed information about SİMA digital signature by contacting "157" AzInTelecom LLC Call Center.