How the use of AI in supply chain affects P&L

AI is not only becoming an important component of driving digital transformation in Supply Chain. We will talk about how it affects P&L indicators and ways to increase profits at the webinar on February 27 at 12:00.  


You will learn: 

🔹 How artificial intelligence is changing the rules of the game in retail, 

🔹 How accurate demand forecasting affects P&L, 

🔹 Ways to build effective KPIs in the supply chain and how they affect the company’s financial statements, 

🔹 Abnormal demand – a burden or a business opportunity? The role of artificial intelligence in analyzing consumer behavior, 

🔹 How to calculate potential profit from improving forecast accuracy? SMART Demand Forecast demo. 


Participation is free in case of pre-registration 👇

23 February 2024
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12 February 2024

SMART business – a partner in building a comprehensive IT ecosystem of solutions for transforming business processes

SMART business is a leading international partner of Microsoft that for 15 years has been creating its own products based on Microsoft technologies (including Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Azure, Power Platform, Power BI, Copilot) and consulting customers of different sizes, industries, sectors in more than 75 countries of the world. With a portfolio of 18 Microsoft Gold Competencies and annual recognition as Microsoft Partner of the Year in both local and international markets, we guarantee our customers the implementation of mature solutions and help ensure continuous development and improvement of systems.  Our customers in Azerbaijan include:  State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Unibank, AccessBank, SR Group.  Internationally, our customers include: IKEA, BDO, McDonald`s, Porsche, Adidas, Borjomi, PSP, SkyUp.         The SMART business’ product map is not only modern ERP, CRM, and HRM systems, solutions for document flow automation, personalization and demand forecasting, optimization, and automation of warehouse management processes, but also services for customization, adaptation, and expert analysis of business processes. Using a holistic platform or combining individual services allows companies to quickly respond to changes and create a reliable IT ecosystem for efficient operation and scaling. Key industries: production, agriculture, automotive, logistics and distribution, retail, finance and banking, IT, healthcare, energetics and gas, Ñonstruction, professional services, real estate/development, education. As one of Microsoft’s top partners in the development of ML and innovative technologies, including low-code/no-code platforms, Copilot, and Open AI, our mission is training and continuous motivation of the market to grow the potential of the companies’ own technological capabilities. To be change ambassadors and constant trusted advisors. Our educational activities not only ensure continuous improvement of the team’s expertise to solve customers’ challenges, but also help businesses keep their finger on the pulse of innovation and rely on the most recent international practices when mastering the digital path.  

19 February 2024

Unlocking Productivity and Connection: How SmartPoint Intranet Transforms Corporate Culture

Modern employees crave connection, transparency, and tools that simplify their lives. One of the fundamental steps to provide those key things is to create simple yet powerful and agile communication environment within your organization. SmartPoint Intranet goes beyond typical document repository and corporate news portal. It's a dynamic, central hub that connects your people, amplifies your brand, and automates essential tasks, ultimately propelling your business forward. Cultivating Connections: Foster a unified community by eliminating information silos and creating a centralized platform for news, announcements, and discussions. Empower peer-to-peer collaboration with intuitive search functions, document sharing tools, and real-time communication channels. Boost employee engagement through social features, recognition programs, and surveys, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. Automating HR Processes: Say goodbye to manual onboarding with automated workflows that guide new hires through company policies, benefits, and training materials. Streamline leave requests, performance reviews, and other HR tasks with user-friendly tools that save time and improve accuracy. Simplify document management with secure storage, version control, and easy access to vital employee information. Impacting Corporate Culture: Enhance transparency and communication by keeping everyone informed and engaged through consistent, readily available information. Promote a culture of continuous learning with readily accessible training materials, knowledge sharing forums, and personalized recommendations. Encourage innovation and knowledge transfer by fostering collaboration across departments and empowering employees to share ideas freely. By implementing SmartPoint Intranet, you'll join a community of forward-thinking organizations who are reaping the benefits of improved efficiency, happier employees, and a thriving corporate culture. For more information: Development of a corporate portal on Sharepoint - Smart Intranet (

22 February 2024

Building a modern HR ecosystem: discover the functionality of SMART HCM & LMS

One of the key components of a company's success is the effective management of human capital, and in this context, it is important to build a modern HR ecosystem. SMART business presents its own product based on Microsoft technologies to solve this issue – SMART HCM & LMS! The extensive functionality of SMART HCM & LMS includes 12 modules covering the needs of the HR department, namely: Recruiting, Onboarding, Employee assessment, Goal setting, Individual development plans, Skills and competencies development, E-learning, Gamification, Event organization, Self-service portal, Manager portal, HR analytics. The advantages of the product are as follows: Integration with job sites, speeding up posting of vacancies and processing of responses, The ability to create your own training academy for employees and fill it with interactive content, Analytics based on Power BI, which allows you to aggregate data to analyze the life cycle of an employee in the company, The ability to create a development plan that will provide an individual approach to the career growth of each employee, Gamification, which helps to increase the level of employee engagement in the company. The capabilities of SMART HCM & LMS include integration with Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, Facebook, SAP, Indeed, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Power BI, as well as integration with SmartPoint Intranet and SMART Payroll to build an HR ecosystem. All this is combined into a single intuitive system that will help build the HR management process effectively, regardless of the format in which the business operates: in the office, remotely or hybrid. SMART HCM & LMS will be useful to the head of the HR department, HR and L&D specialists, as well as company management, offering a number of tools and capabilities for effective personnel management and strategic planning for business development. For the HR director and their team, SMART HCM & LMS will become an indispensable assistant in a wide range of tasks. Recruiting, onboarding, employee assessment, skills development and many other aspects of HR management become more effective thanks to the wide functionality of the platform. Analytics available through Power BI provide comprehensive data about the employee lifecycle and the ability to analyze it to make informed management decisions. For HR specialists, SMART HCM & LMS provides tools for optimizing routine tasks and focusing on current aspects of personnel management. Modules such as goal setting, individual development plans and gamification help engage and motivate employees, which is key to creating productive company performance. For company managers and CEOs, SMART HCM & LMS provides valuable tools for strategic HR management and business development. Thanks to built-in analytics, you can track the status, progress and effectiveness of all HR processes, employees, and the achievement of the goals set. This approach allows management to quickly respond to challenges and make the most out of the team’s potential. SMART HCM & LMS is a comprehensive solution that combines a stack of modules and is an excellent choice for a company seeking to become a leader in its industry. Building a modern HR ecosystem using SMART HCM & LMS will not only automate HR management processes but will also make them more efficient and focused on achieving the company’s strategic goals. The use of advanced tools allows companies to adapt to modern challenges and create favorable conditions for business development and attracting and retaining talent. More information: SMART HCM & LMS