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Digital Economy & Innovations Committee will be on fostering a culture of innovation and supporting AmCham members' participation in activities related to the innovation sector in Azerbaijan. By staying at the forefront of digital transformation and innovation, the DEI committee will help its members achieve their business goals and contribute to the development of Azerbaijan's economy.

We believe that by embracing the economy and innovation, we can achieve synergy between the major digital government leaders in Azerbaijan and bring maximum benefits to our members and the environment as a whole by operating on the edge of the two.

It is a platform for cross-industry exchange of ideas, insights and opportunities discussions, identifying and overcoming common problems associated with the business development of our members and better understanding of the market, as well as maintaining contacts with government of Azerbaijan and regulatory agencies in order to foster business development of our members. 

The committee also conducts practical workshops, case studies and thought leader perspectives to help our members stay ahead of the future.

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Babek H. Aghayev


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Teymur Taghiyev

NEQSOL Holding

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Anar Alizamanli

Turan Legal and Tax Services LLC