Unity in Innovation: R Group Holding Unveils 'Yonca' at Upcoming Caspian Agro Azerbaijan International Agricultural Exhibition


At R Group Holding, our motto embodies our commitment to shared values and unity.

Discover the future of agriculture at the upcoming exhibition from May 15-17, where we’ll unveil our groundbreaking new product, “Yonca.” 

Join us as we showcase cutting-edge technology and solutions designed to optimize farming efficiency and sustainability. 

Mark your calendars and visit our booth to be among the first to experience the future of farming.


30 Aprel 2024
Uyğun xəbərlər
20 May 2024

Post-Exhibition Report: R Group Holding at Caspian Agro 2024 Azerbaijan International Agriculture Exhibition Highlights

Event Overview: The Caspian Agro International Exhibition, held from May 15 to 17, showcased the latest advancements in agricultural technology.Product Showcases: R Group Holding presented its products: Yonca, TapAgro, and Detecterra. Yonca: Demonstrated its unique capabilities to enhance agricultural digitalization, providing farmers with essential tools to boost efficiency and productivity.TapAgro: An e-commerce platform offering a wide range of agricultural products, including fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, seedlings, livestock, and equipment.Detecterra: An electronic platform to unlock the potential of agricultural businesses with cutting-edge remote sensing and monitoring solutions. Key Partnership: We are pleased to announce the signing of a trilateral cooperation agreement with Digital Umbrella and Turksat companies.This memorandum, finalized during the event, signifies a significant step toward enhanced cooperation and collaborative development in agricultural IT solutions.Strategic Discussions: We had the privilege of discussing the development prospects of our IT products with Alisher Shukrorov, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan.This dialogue underscored our commitment to advancing agricultural technologies and highlighted the mutual benefits of such partnerships.We move forward, we remain dedicated to driving innovation and supporting the digital evolution of agriculture.